PTN: Where PrivateNo Longer Means Excluded

The Private Transaction Network (“PTN”) was founded in 2016 as the first self-directed private equity fund of its kind.

PTN provides members with access to late-stage, pre-IPO investment opportunities on a deal by deal basis. Since inception, PTN and it’s affiliates have delivered over $100 Million worth of proceeds to investors.

PTN was created to provide access and help investors overcome challenges in the pre-IPO investment space. Interested in expanding your portfolio? 


1 – What is the Private Transaction Network?

Private Transaction Network, “PTN”, is a fund and technology platform created for accredited investors, family offices, and financial institutions. PTN provides access to exclusive investment opportunities and sources investment opportunities based on requests from members. PTN streamlines the investment process, secondary liquidity, and distribution of shares or cash upon liquidity events.

2 – Who is eligible to become a member of PTN?

PTN is reserved for non-U.S. institutions and accredited investors.  This includes high net worth individuals, family offices, funds, wealth managers, broker dealers, fund of funds, etc. 

3 – What services and technology does PTN offer members?

Investment Access: PTN provides members with access and streamlines the investment process.  If you’re interested in a company or alternative investment that does not appear on the platform, please let us know.  We regularly source investment opportunities for our members.

Managed Liquidity Events: PTN streamlines the process of liquidating assets or delivering shares to our members. Members don’t have to worry about contacting transfer agents, removing the restrictions, or even placing orders. They can expect shares or cash in their account upon a liquidity event, both depending on the event and their choice. 

4 – How do I get started?

Please send an email to to get started.

1 – How is PTN structured?

PTN is established as a Segregated Portfolio Company (“SPC”) in Bermuda.  PTN allows members to invest in individual companies on an opportunity by opportunity basis as opposed running a committed fund or providing access to a basket of companies. 

2 – Who regulates the platform?

The Bermuda Monetary Authority. PTN is approved and regulated by the Bermuda Monetary Authority (“BMA”), which regulates Bermuda’s financial services sector.

3 – Who is the fund administrator?

The Fund Administrator is Harbour Financial Services Limited (“HFS”), a division of Wakefield Quin Ltd, one of Bermuda’s leading law firms.  HFS overseas all deposits and withdrawals. 

4 – Who owns the shares?

PTN and its affiliated holding companies own the shares.  For more information, please review our Private Placement Memorandum.

5 – If the fund owns the shares, what am I buying?

As a member of PTN, you will be buying membership interests.  Membership interests are utilized to express ownership of the fund and may be transferred or sold to other members.  Membership interests are created by our fund administrator and act as digital representations of the underlying shares held by PTN.  Membership interests are created on a 1:1 ratio with the underlying shares, unless otherwise specified. For example, if the fund owns 1,000,000 shares of ABC Inc., 1,000,000 membership interest are created and offered to members.

6 – What are the tax implications?

PTN is not authorized to offer any investment or tax advice.  Please consult with an accountant or a tax professional to ensure you are in compliance with your local tax laws.

1 – How do I make an investment?

Investors must be approved by PTN and our fund administrator, complete the necessary paperwork and fund their account.  At that point, members are welcome to buy and sell membership interest in any of the opportunities listed on the platform.

2 – Minimum investment size?

There is a $10,000 minimum for your first transaction.  

3 – Can I short companies on PTN?

No.  Investors can only invest or sell membership interests that they already own.

4 – Can I have a margin account?

No.  All transactions are cash only and PTN does not extend margin to any members.

5 – What happens when a company on the platform has an IPO?

The shares that PTN owns are restricted and may be subject to a lock-up. 

When a company goes public via traditional IPO, the lock-up period is typically six months.  When a company goes public via direct listing, there is no lock-up period.  Shares become tradeable immediately after the IPO. 

Regardless of the IPO method, PTN provides its members with two choices:  Members can either have their shares transferred to their brokerage account, or PTN can sell their shares on their behalf and wire them the monies. 

6 – I’m interested in a company that’s not on the platform.  What do I do?

We regularly source new investment opportunities for members.  If you’re interested in a company or alternative investment that doesn’t appear on the platform, please let us know.  We’d be more than happy to pursue it on your behalf and leverage the purchasing power of our network.

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