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What is the Private Transaction Network?

Who is eligible to become a member of PTN?

What services and technology does PTN offer members?

Who regulates the platform?

Who is the fund administrator?

Where is my money held?

Who owns the shares?

If the platform owns the shares, what am I buying?

How do I make an investment?

What does it cost to buy or sell membership interest?

Minimum investment size?

Are there any backend, performance, inactivity, or liquidation fees?

I'm interested in a company that's not on the platform. What do I do?

Can I short companies on PTN?

Can I have a margin account?

What does an order on the order book represent?

What happens when a company on the platform has an IPO?

Can Membership Interest be traded during the lock-up period?

How do I get started?

Members Area

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